Who We Are

Hello I am Walter. I am an online entrepreneur with many years of software engineer and applications development involving leading edge technologies.

Having developed many web site applications and Internet application integrations for top firms over the course of my career, suffice to say, there are not many technical issues that are beyond my ability.

The world of Internet Marketing and SEO is very broad and vast. Even with a strong technical background there are many challenges and road-blocks to overcome.

Success can be fleeting. Don’t ask how many times have I created top ranking websites only to be slapped back to page 500+ by search engine algorithm changes. The competition is fierce and the foundational and technical components of the industry are constantly shifting.

It is relatively easy to master the individual components required for launching and sustaining a reliable income online. However, technology itself isn’t your biggest obstacle on the road to generating online income

With these challenges in mind, I welcome you to share and contribute to this website where we focus on Internet Marketing and online income generating tactics.


Owner / Cofounder